Collecting logs from proxmox

LXC debian 11
Grafana v9.5.2
InfluxDB v2.7.1

Hi to you all ! I’ve setup an instance of influxdb, grafana in a LXC container (debian 11) to monitor a proxmox server (with telegraf). Everything works great. I’m still struggling a bit to understand how this works but as of now within my daily use, there is already much to learn.
Now I was thinking to setup Grafana to show proxmox logs, when I reached this screenshot :

This is basically exactly what I’m looking for (and how it should look too). This comes for this page :

From what I understand so far, this … might not be possible with my current setup ? Or maybe there is a way through telegraf ? logparser plugin ?
Can you please point me in the right direction ? How would you do something like this ?
Thanks !

As i know, telegraf only for metrics from the proxmox, to have the log that you want to show in the Grafana, you just install Loki as log storage server and promtail to send the proxmox log to Loki.

Please read about Loki and Promtail to have the log observability.
If your log scattered on several folder, you can put the promtail scrape config to get the log and use different name.


Thank you, @fadjar340
I’ve looked into it and installed Loki (in the LXC container alongside grafana and influxdb) and Promtail (in Proxmox) as advised.
It works fine, as I’m able to collect journald logs. I might be able to collect some docker logs from another VM later and I’m thinking about making a dashboard specifically for logging (if that’s possible).