Cluster Nodes dashboard

Hi Friends,

I am learning on creating Grafana dashboards and currently trying to create Hypervisor cluster dashboard. I have created variable with regex to filter out matching windows hyper-v servers (based on domain). Now my requirement is to when I select specific host cluster, all the cluster nodes under that host cluster should be plotted. One example is given below.

Host Cluster : testhvcl001.domainname
Cluster Nodes : testhv01.domainname, testhv02.domainname and so on (tried to create regex to cut string before cl001 but not getting any success)

I have variable for Host Cluster is ready but I am not sure on how to proceed to get cluster nodes based on host cluster. Appreciate any help.


Please include what datasource you’re using for us to be able to futher help you.


Thanks for replying. I am using influxdb as datasource.


You have to use regex for the cluster nodes variable. Something like

SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = "clusterNode" WHERE "hostCluster" =~ /^.*\,$hostCluster$/

Please include query you’ve tried so far if this isn’t working

Thanks for your reply. Here is my query.

Regex : /(.*?hvcl\d\d\d\.my\.domain\.com)/

With this query, I am able to fetch host cluster and display them on drop down menu in dashboard but requirement is when we select host cluster from drop down menu, respective cluster nodes should be graphed.

So lets say, I have (,, and (,

In dashboard variable drop down, I am able to get but when I select this host cluster, all the graphs should be updated with a101, a102 and a103 and same way if I select respective graphs should be for a201 and a202.

Is this possible in grafana?

Appreciate your attention.