Graph not showing all VM hosts I select, what have I done wrong (screenshots)


I was up most of the night thinking about this as my boss asked me to do this.

I’m been asked to create graphs for our VMware hosts. So in this example I want to show the CPU for our hosts so they overlay in the graph so you can compare. It only shows 1 host, but in the variable drop down list I’ve selected all 10 hosts, it’s only picked the first host:

I then need to do the same on separate graphs for memory, iops, network etc, but I think if I get this one working the others will follow.

Variable settings I copied from another dashboard:

Any help would be really appreciated.

I’ve got a little further but my legend is broken and I can’t seem to list the hosts on their own lines.



The variable will always contain all the selected values so, in your case, you should use the esxhostname tag that will contain the specific hostname for each serie.
So in the Alias by field, you should write: Host $tag_esxhostname

You can find an example of this on Grafana playground:

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