CloudWatch EC2/Billing EstimatedCharges alerting

Hi guys,

I have nightmares about my AWS account being compromised and then shocked by a huge AWS bill. AWS’s own primitive budgeting feature sucks since we usually bust through thresholds & they aren’t updated since we are a growing startup. So my current tact is to catch sudden surges of cost as quickly as possible using AWS’s EstimatedCharges. If there is a better methodology, please let me know.

Oh btw none of this works until one enables Receive Billing Alerts in on AWS btw!

I don’t quite understand us-east-1’s AWS/Billing Cloudwatch metric of EstimatedCharges update frequency, so if anyone knows better, again please let me know.

I was playing with Alert’s percent_diff and first off the alert always seems to be triggered based on what info is there in the graph, or has No data when testing. So I am quite puzzled how to get this typical use case sorted in Grafana! Please view my screencast for details:

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