Cloudwatch Change Percentage graph into grafana

I am using grafana data source as cloudwatch and trying to get one graph for “change percentage” with following source from cloudwatch. Can someone help me how I can get these expressions into grafana?

    "metrics": [
        [ { "expression": "RATE(m1)*PERIOD(m1)", "label": "absolute_delta", "id": "absolute_delta", "visible": false } ],
        [ { "expression": "m1 - absolute_delta", "label": "value_before", "id": "value_before", "visible": false } ],
        [ { "expression": "100 * absolute_delta / value_before", "label": "change_percentage", "id": "change_percentage" } ],
        [ "AWS/SQS", "NumberOfMessagesReceived", "QueueName", "queue1", { "unit": "Count", "id": "m1", "visible": false } ]
    "view": "timeSeries",
    "stacked": false,
    "region": "us-west-2",
    "title": "Number Of Messages Received",
    "period": 300,
    "stat": "Sum"

Grafana Cloudwatch query has id, expression fields, so just copy&paste them, change visibility for each query at the end and job done.