Clickable Datalink on Text element in Canvas Panel

I am using Grafana 9.5.2.
Adding a Datalink to a Metric element works fine. I am using the instructions below…

Note: Inline editing must be turned off AND current support is for text/metric elements only
This process creates a data link tied to all elements that use the field name

  1. Create a text or metric element in your canvas panel
  2. In the Editor, select a field for your metric value
  3. In the Overrides tab (in the panel editor) create an override for fields with name and click the + add override property button.
  4. Select Datalinks > Datalinks from the list
  5. Click +Add link and add a description and URL for the data link

But how can I add it to a Text element? A text element does not refer to a field name, so I am unable to add an Override