Chaning the column name with MM-DD date format

Hi, I want to achieve assigning my column names a different alias. Currently my column names are 0, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6. I want to change that 0 - displays current date and month, -1 displays yesterday date and month and so on for today and past 6 days. I have a solution for 0 or today’s date in a way that I edit panel in dashboard and + Add Field Override and then Fields with name, and choose 0 and then + Add overwrite property.
There were already some talks on Add and manage variables | Grafana documentation and here Feature request: Time manipulation functions for $__from and $__to · Issue #19265 · grafana/grafana · GitHub but I didn’t find any useful solutions. If anyone knows a solution in this way or any other way I would appreciate?