Changing color for different titles in pie chart?

I’m trying to make a pie chart with the categories of vulnerabilities grouped by their name.
The result at the moment is the one in the picture below.

The count of the single vulnerabilities is correct, as this is just a test so there are just a few records in the database.
However, I was wondering why grafana picks the same color for the last two vulnerabilities.
It seems that the color pick is the same when the value is the same (1 for SQLi and 1 for XSS).

At the moment the query is as simple as:

SELECT title, COUNT(severity) FROM vulnerability GROUP BY title LIMIT 50 

Also, how do I change the “LIMIT” value in the UI without having to change it manually in the query?

Any suggestion is appreciated.


what version of grafana are you on?

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

I installed it through apt.
According to the installed packages, the version is this one:

grafana/stable,now 9.5.3 amd64

Any suggestion?