Change time variables in time picker

Hello Community,

it is somehow possible to change the time variables in the time picker?

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Go to Dashboard Settings and change the Auto-Refresh parameter to add/remove the options you want to set in time range picker.

I don’t mean the auto-refresh function. I mean the time picker like in the picture I shared.
For example: remove “Last 5 Minutes”.

yes, so the time picker populates the values from this Autor-Refresh field. So if you remove it from this field ‘5m’ then it wont appear in time-picker.

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I mean the time picker like in the picture below. The time picker where $__timeFilter is connected to.

Oops. I am so sorry. I totally got confused myself.
Well, I dont think Grafana provides a way to customize the options in Relative time range. But not sure what your requirements are really as these are very standard options for any time series kind of visualization dashboards.
But still I would suggest you to explore query options here - to find out if that works out for your requirements.

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Ok, thank you for your help!

Hello, I had similar request…
In fact I use grafana only with influxDB and use a limited number of retention policy that are 3h,24h,7days,1month, 1 year…
So I wanted only to adapt the list by remove some proposal that are not giving good result.
For each time filter, I need to indicate which rp to read from…
Any idea?

There are some more recent threads on this, see e.g. Adding new persistent relative time ranges

(but unfortunately still no “easy” solution)