Change Query Parameters name

Hello support,
Im using a datasource to make API requests called JSON API and Im making a query sending a get request.
I need to send a parameter as an array and for that im using the variable like this: ${services:queryparam} , but in that way it assumes the nome of my variable is: “var-services” instead of “service_ids”. How can I rename the variable from var-services to service_ids?

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 15.56.39

I want this result:
since: 2023-09-22T14:54:44.395Z
until: 2023-09-29T14:54:44.396Z
service_ids: P7LI7W7
service_ids: P0D964U
service_ids: PVGF9AN
service_ids: PS7U8KK
service_ids: P4PX6GH
service_ids: PD2RO20
service_ids: PGBCOEQ
service_ids: PZT3NPA
service_ids: PWBC0OM

Thanks :slight_smile: