Change Default Port 3000 to 443

Hello, I install grafana last version and configure ssl certificate. Also I have changed https_port = 443, protocols = https, added .key and .crt file, root_url=changed without port. But I can not open my url It opens Please help. Thanks for in advanced

Hi @nemete34,

Thanks for opening this post.

You also would need to configure the web server (Nginx, Apache, etc) configuration file and update there the path too.

I hope this helps.

Hi @nemete34 ,

I suggest you let the grafana as it is and add nginx in front of grafana and put the certificate in the nginx configuration and make the nginx as proxy_pass to grafana service. It’s simple and I think it’s more secure than direct connection to grafana. I have a lots of sites using this approach and no problem with it.
Also if you use letsencrypts, it’s simpler to handle the certbot update.


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