Can't retrieve data in desired representation in table panel

I use a Grafana v8.4.6 with InfluxDB data source and have trouble outputting my data using table representation in the required way.

Data in TSDB looks like this:

time                Object    Metric   Response
----                -----     -------- -------
1651122024000000000 Obj001    M001     0.63
1651122024000000000 Obj001    M002     1.113

1651136063000000000 Obj002    M001     0.58
1651136063000000000 Obj002    M002     1.58

Table I want to retrieve:

       | Obj001   Obj002
M001   |  0.63	  0.58
M002   | 1.113    1.58

I encountered an inability to transform the data in the right way, ignoring time and grouping data by metric type.
Is it even possible to do so or am I just wasting my time messing with this task?

Thanks in advance!

can you please follow these steps to share your raw unformatted data? That way, the community can try and mock up your problem :+1:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to share real data because of security reasons.