Can't get Grafana to show multiple data sources in panel

I am trying to lifecycle my Grafana install and stumbled across a minor inconvenience.

In one panel I use multiple Zabbix data sources and in the old version it showed the data source on the right side of the panel. I’m using Zabbix Problems Visualization.

What I’m trying to recreate is the following:

But what I’m getting now if I add multiple data sources is that I’m missing the data source name:

Is this at all possible to get that function back, is it supposed to do that on its own or is this a depricated function in the plugin.

P.S. I did not set up the old version myself and I do not know how this was set-up.

Old version.
Grafana version: v7.5.7 (91de51771c)
Grafana-Zabbix version: 4.1.5

New version:
Grafana version: v10.2.2 (161e3cac5075540918e3a39004f2364ad104d5bb)
Grafana-Zabbix version: 4.4.4

Here’s not a good place to got answers on that. Better for you to try it at Issues · grafana/grafana-zabbix · GitHub

Ok I’l try it there, thank you.

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