Cannot do now-1d to now+1d/d in iframe connection

I can create new graphs in the main Grafana gui and the Custom Range box allows me to put from now-1d and to now+1d/d so that I can see data from both today and tomorrow. The graph is perfect.

My influxdb has data stretching in to the next day.

I want to share these graphs via iframe. When I get the html code (from the above working graphs) it shows the epoch exact dates. I can change these to be now or now-1d, now-1w/d etc. Anything in the past seems to work.

But when I try and use now+1d I get

“Templating init failed
Cannot read property ‘valueOf’ of undefined”

Is there anyway I can get the graphs showing future data when through an iframe connection?

Any help would be appreciated.

Any thoughts at all please?

The iframes in my site are using various now-1d etc, but now+1d isn’t accepted.
Yet I can do now+1d when I create the graphs in the console.

Is it a bug in the iframe code?


I’ve been testing a little,
and I’ve seen that if you change the + sign to %2B in the link, it works properly,

on your web using:
from: now%2B1d
to: now%2B2d
it works properly (there is no data, but the error does not come out)

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That’s brilliant, thank you. Seems to work a treat.

I’m assuming the %2B is just a replacement for the + sign? So you can’t put a + in an iframe/html call.

Yes,%2b corresponds to the hex code of the + symbol in the asci/utf8 encoding, but I do not know why this is done in this way

Changing a little subject, I recommend that you change thema to light, it would be nicer.

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Theme changed… its all very white now… :slight_smile:

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