Embeded Ifram Date(from to )

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i need to know the formate for from >>to in embedded link to pass these value and create the dynamic link from my webpage if it date/time what’s the format used to generate this no.


<iframe src="https://snapshot.raintank.io/dashboard-solo/snapshot/y7zwi2bZ7FcoTlB93WN7yWO4aMiz3pZb?from=1493369923321&to=1493377123321&panelId=4" width="650" height="300" frameborder="0"></iframe>

It’s a simple Unix Epoch timestamp, although in this case with millisecond

The above numbers correspond to Fri Apr 28 10:58:43.321 CEST 2017 and Fri Apr
28 12:58:43.321 CEST 2017 respectively.

See Unix time - Wikipedia


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