Cannot access grafana from another machines

I have installed grafana on RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and it is accessible from that machine (say machine m1 where grafana is installed). I can open the grafana from browser on that machine. But when I try to access the same grafana from another machine, i cannot access it. when i try to connect using ‘curl http://ip:3000’ it gives connection timeout.
Machine m1 is pingable from this machine. and firewalld is disabled on machine m1.
Please help with this issue.

Sounds like a firewall/proxy/vpn issue. Have you got an nginx proxy or a vpn that could be causing problems?

If you were running on another port than 3000, it could be a reserved port problem (but don’t think this is your problem):

P.S. Wouldn’t it be better to leave firewalld on and just enable the 3000 port?

Enabling the port on firewalld worked. thank you.