Can X-axis time display as (converted) string in Graph panel

We store depth data as time series data inside OpenTSDB. For example, depth 1234.56 feet is converted to time as (3000000000 + depth * 100) seconds.
While we can display the data in Graph Panel correctly, the X-Axis is always showing as time (not friendly readable). Is it possible we can modify the code to at least show those X-Axis grids (and tooltips) with converted back to depth data?

no this is not possible (currently).

Thanks for the information, Torkel.

Hello, Torkel, is it possible to add this feature in future releases of Grafana. I think this feature will be very useful and widen the data Grafana can handle greatly.

Maybe for Elasticsearch data, but for OpenTSDB I think not as it only supports time series.