Can we use grafana for other than time series or matrics data

let say i have some data about students examinations and marks etc.
can i use grafana to generate analytics out of that data?
or grafana is only for time serries and matrics related data?

what i mean is to say that can we use grafana for general purpose visualization?


It depends on what kind of visualizations you want. Grafana is mainly for time series data, but have support for Postgres, MySql, Elasticsearch and SimpleJson plugin as datasources among others. They are not time series databases, but can be used to visualize time series data. However Grafana is not an analytics/business intelligence tool.

Using the table panel in Grafana and one of the referenced datasources you should be able to visualize your data in a table with columns and rows.

Please let me know if you have any more questions


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Thank you dear. i just see your reply. very sorry for the delayed response.

its a loss not to have the analytical/business intelligence capabilities in a such powerful and beautiful tool.
i hope they would include such features in the future releases.