Non-time series data

Hi there,

Totally new in grafana world, I’m wondering if I can use it for data visualization, that are not related to time series.
We are already using grafana for server monitoring.
But my needs are different.

Better to start with an example.
Let’s say I have a table where I have software and versions.

table softs
srv2, Apache, 2.4
srv2, php, 7.3
srv3, php, 5.6
srv3, Apache, 2.2
srv4, php, 7.0

I want to visualize the repartition of Apache or php by version, let’s say a graph pie.
Is it doable with grafana?
And if yes… how (of course :wink: ).

Thanks for your help.

@fvafva, did you ever find a solution? I am wondering the same thing. I am managing some Kubernetes clusters and would like to have a report that shows me which images are being used and which versions of those images. Not sure how to

I see there is a table plugin which would probably work for me. Not sure how to get data into that table though.