Can not import VMware Dashboard to Grafana with Telegraf

Hi Cummunity

I have done my first installation with grafana. My goal is to monitor my VMware environment. For that, I have installed a Ubuntu VM an Grafana and Telegraf from this tutorial:

On Grafana I can add the Datasource and the test is success: “Data source is working”.
Now, I will import an existing VMware Dashboard. This one: VMware vSphere - VMs | Grafana Labs

But when I import, the following error occurs: Template init failed - e.replace is not a function


Any ideas?
My version: Grafana v6.7.4 (8e44bbc)

That dashboard says

VMware vSphere - VMs

VMware vSphere Dashboard - VMs (Grafana 9.x / InfluxDB v2.0)

Oh shit, my fault. I installed an old version… I have tried to update the version by the following commands (Use Ubuntu):
sudo apt-get install -y adduser libfontconfig1
sudo dpkg -i grafana-enterprise_9.2.4_amd64.deb

I become no error, but the version is also the old one. Any ideas?

I am not sure there is an upgrade path from v6 to 9?

Also why are you upgrading to enterprise? :eyes:

I would not go the upgrade route. Just install new version of grafana parallel to existing one. Is there anything you need in the ancient version :wink:

I have installed a new version, not it works. Thank you :slight_smile:

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