VMware Monitoring with Telegraf an Grafana -- No Data in Grafana

Hi Community

I have installed Telegraf, Influxdb an Grafana on a Ubuntu VM to test the monitoring of a VMware environment. After the installation, I have no data on Grafana. I did the following on installation:

Installation of Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf with this tutorial: https://computingforgeeks.com/how-to-monitor-vmware-esxi-with-grafana-and-telegraf/

When I check the metrics in influx, I can see new VMware metrics. I think this works?:

The datasource on Grafana is also works:

But on the Dashboard (after import of Grafana Dashboard ID: 8168) I have no data:

How can I chek, if there is any data collected in Influxdb?
Or is there any logfile?

I have no experience with Telegraf and Influxdb.

Thank you


Go to ip.address.of.influx:8086

Login using the user u used when installing influx and find the bucket and do a simple query therre. You should find the query if you edit the panel dashboard also

Interesting, when I will connect by brwoser, the I become the following return:
404 page not found (I tried it from the Ubuntu with influx installed).
But when I connect by putty, it works. Is there a corrupt installation?

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Connect by putty to Ubuntu or influx?

What did you try in browser

I have a local Windows machine and a Ubuntu VM with Influx, Grafana and Telegraf installes (on ubuntu).
When I connect by putty to the Ubuntu (from Windows) i can connect to Influxdb.
When I try to open :8086 → From Ubuntu (Have GUI) and from Windows I cannot open any page.
404 page not found.

this is more networking issue than grafana/influx issue

do you have port 8086 open for outside access?

Yes, port is open. Thats strange… I can not find the problem. I think I need to reinstall all. Ubuntu, Telegraf and Influxdb. Do you have an good and up to date tutorial for that? All tutorials that I find have older versions or other things, that not work.
For me its not easy, because I am a Windows user and a noob on Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to uninstall all of it unless you want to. you can install it all on windows.


Run the exes for each product.

Since you are a Windows user probably stick to doing it in Windows otherwise you will not have to learn one more new thing - Ubuntu.