Can I use wildcards for column names being selected?

In Grafana, when I edit a panel in a dashboard, I get a sub-window to edit the query like this:


I have several fields for MongoDB stats with hierarchical type names like:

  • lock.Global.acquireCount.shared_intent
  • lock.Global.acquireCount.shared
  • lock.Global.acquireWaitCount.shared
  • lock.Collection.acquireCount.exclusive_intent
  • lock.ParallelBatchWriterMode.acquireWaitCount.exclusive
  • lock.ParallelBatchWriterMode.acquireCount.shared_intent
  • and so on…

Is there a way to say “choose all the columns in the select list that start with ‘lock’” to display in this panel? Or do I have to create 100+ queries for each different column name?

I’m using Grafana 7.5.7 accessing an Influx database

I see in:

it’s possible to select multiple fields with a asterisk. So if I put all the lock.* stats in their own table in influxdb (fyi, tables are called “measurements” in influx), then I could do a select field(*) in the Grafana query editor, right?

thanks for the awesome information.

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