Selecting multiple queries using flux in grafana

i am trying to select more than one field using flux. i do want to use regex as i have to select around 10 fields having different names.

the equivalent query in influx is as follows:
select field1, field_two, field_3 from meas group by tag1 order by time desc limit 1

after going through the documentation i can select one field and tag like below:

dataset = from(bucket:“db/rp”)
|> range(start: -3h)
|> limit(n:1)
|> filter(fn: ® =>
r._measurement == “meas” and
r._field == “netPnl”
|> group(columns: [“tag1”, “tag_two”])

|> yield()

i am not able to find a way to implement my select query…
please help…