Can I use InfluxDB tags in a Data Link?

I have a graph with a single measurement, broken out using GROUP BY tag(host) tag(region) in InfluxQL, to produce a (rather cluttered) plot of the timing metric for every host from every region.

What I’d like to do is use the data links section to make links to drilldown dashboards, so each point would link to a second dashboard, passing the $tag_host and $tag_region to var-host= and var-region URL query params.

I can’t seem to make {} work unless I set ALIAS BY to var-host=$tag_host&var-region=$tag_region, which technically works but produces a hideously bad legend :cry:

I see that I can use ${__series.labels}, however that’s empty. I don’t know what a “label” is in the context of InfluxDB. Is there a way to use InfluxDB tags in a Data Link?

It looks to me like this file is the source of the data which can be used in a Data Link, and response_parser.go is what parses the InfluxDB response. If anyone can give me a hint on the best way to do so, I’d gladly make a PR which adds InfluxDB tags as a Data Link data source!


I’m trying to do a similar thing. Were you ever able to make any progress on this?

Not yet. I am still interested in building this myself and submitting a PR, but need a hint as to the best way to start. A GitHub issue may be a better forum for this discussion but I have not had the time to create one yet.