Can I Grafana get data directly from HTTP request

I am trying to visualise data from the Blynk IoT cloud. I do not need to use node-red, Influx, and Grafana as my PC is not fast enough to handle them together. The data written to Blynk can be requested directly using an HTTP request and Token. For example, I can read data of virtual pin 0 just by
I assessed that link with Node-red, and I got readings. Is there any way Grafan can use HTTP requests as a data source?
Thank you for your help.


You can try using the infinity plugin for this. Does the token have TTL?

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I am not sure what the TTL is, to be honest. When I use the links in the browser, I get the last value from the Blynk pin

the token time to live, or in another words does it expire after x amount of time

Ah, Thank you so much for your reply. No, the time never expire

Can you post sample obfuscated data?
What visualization you want and which data points frim the data returned from http

Sorry for the late reply.
When I paste this link

I got the value of virtual pin 0 (v0), as shown in the picture below. and I hope it is possible to make that request on Grafana, and as the panel refreshes automatically every, for example, 5 sec, the value will also be updated

Hi @hayderismael - Author of infinity plugin here.

You have to use the backend parser in infinity.

If you are happy with just this single stat, you can use stat panel to display it in grafana and set the dashboard to refresh every n seconds as you wish. But this is not timeseries data so you can’t you timeseries panels.

BTW, all the grafana JSON plugins are capable of only pulling data from the API directly and send it to grafana for displaying them. They don’t track the value over time. Either you need some sort Prometheus exporter or telegraf exporter to track this metric over time. If you are a grafana enterprise customer, you can use “recorded queries” feature to track the metric.