Post values to Blynk dashboard by Grafana button

Hello everyone,
I use ESP32 with Blynk to read the DH22 temperature and humidity sensor and to switch an LED ON/OFF from the Blynk dashboard or mobile app. The switch is at virtual pin V0
I know it is possible to update values on the Blynk IoT dashboard manually by posting a link, including the auth token, for example,
If I post this link with any browser, the V0 on the blynk will be updated to 1 and switch on the LED without needing access to the Blynk app or online dashboard. And so V=0 would switch the LED off.
I read my temperature (V1) and humidity (V2) using the infinity database and stat to visualise values as in the picture below.
Can Grafan update the V0 value with a button so I can switch the LED ON/OFF from the Grafana dashboard?

Not native. But there are some plugins that let you do something like this. Example: Data Manipulation plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

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