Can I achieve Sales Report Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Yearly comparison Report using grafana

Hi All,

I have a Postgres DB with Bill#, BillDate & Bill Amount. I have data from Jan 2017 till Oct 23, 2018. I need to create a Sales analytics dashboard with the daily, weekly, monthly & yearly bar chart. I also need to show a comparison with respect to the previous year.
I get data from Postgres DB only at end of the day. Say I am permitted to pull data on every day 10 pm.

Can I achieve this using grafana.? I am aware that my data is not coming in regular interval but my x-axis is Daily/Monthly/Yearly derivative of date.

Guidance required.

Yes, if you are able to write SQL which will return time series data grouped in required time spans: Daily/Monthly/Yearly.

Thank you Jangaraj.
This gives me confident. Since I get data only one time in a day (10 pm, full day invoices) , will it be any issue in grafana plotting.