Can a Grafana Dashboard display previously fetched data?

I am creating a dashboard on Grafana Cloud. The data, which has to be interpreted, updates at 8 AM daily and is stored on AWS Redshift DW.

For Grafana Dashboard, Redshift has to be on all the time, which turns out to be expensive.

Is there a way the dashboard automatically updates at a particular time? Then, this data is shown till the next day the information is updated, instead of querying every time?

I don’t believe you can specify an absolute refresh time - you can only
specify a refresh interval, but the times of the refreshes will then depend on
when the dashboard was loaded into any given browser.

For a situation like this I would pull the data from AWS into a local data
store at 08:00 each day, and then tell Grafana to consult the local data store
whenever it needs to.

Basically, cache the data.



Sir, I’m kind of new to this, so sorry for the following basic question -
Sir, can you tell some examples of local datastore
Thanks and regards