Calculating percentage problem in Grafana/Graphite

I’m trying to get proper percentages showing properly in a line graph. It’s to calculate for every support ticket we close, how many feedback surveys are submitted, so simply total of tickets closed divided by surveys submitted. (We have 2 different types of ticket systems as a FYI) My data is all whole numbers and is uploaded every night.

Getting the totals work great:
A: alias(surveys.daily.submitted, ‘Surveys submitted’)
B: alias(sumSeries(custstats.daily.closedbysev*), ‘CustBugs closed’)
C: alias(helpstats.daily.closed, ‘Help Closed’)
D: alias(sumSeries(#B, #C), ‘Total Closed’)

Now getting the percentages present a challenge. The numbers are always unpredictable and doesn’t make sense. I alternate with testing query D and E but no avail.

Sometimes I do get very “lucky” if I chose a specific date range then it works properly. My goal is that no matter what date range I chose, it should do a regular division formula.

D: alias(divideSeries(#A, #E), ‘Response Rate’)
E: asPercent(#A, #D)

Is there something with the fact about daily calculations being summarized that will cause a problem? I have searched everywhere in Google and can’t see if anyone has this same problem.

Thanks for any help/pointers.

Slight correction on my division/percentage query that I tried (should be E and F)

E: alias(divideSeries(#A, #D), ‘Response Rate’)
F: asPercent(#A, #D)