Calculating Mbit with Grafana

I’m using RouterOS SNMP and InfluxDB - Telegraf.
When I get traffic data from RouterOS with SNMP, instead of mbit/s traffic, it shows the total traffic passing through the interface as bytes. I want to find the difference between the last value received by SNMP on Grafana and the previous value and find out how many mbit/s of traffic per second. How can I do that? Can someone help me please?


We need more information, which datasource do you use ?

If it’s InfluxDB, you need to use “non negative deriative” function.


Yes I’m using InfluxDB. Where can I do the function you said?
My Query is:

SELECT "bytes-in" FROM "snmp-interfaces" WHERE ("if-name" = 'uplink')

For exemple : SELECT non_negative_derivative(last(“bytes-in”), 1s) FROM “snmp-interfaces” WHERE (“if-name” = ‘uplink’)

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