Dont graph SNMP 32 Bit overflow values

I write snmp data from an HP 1800-24 G switch with telegraf to influx. Then Display the traffic in grafana.

Unfortunately there are only 32 bit counters (also the HC once) from this switch model. This lead to spikes on each overflow where then are a few GB/s traffic instead the real values.

Only way I found to filter this, is by applying a Transform “Filter data by values” and filter “is Lower or equal” 0. But using this, I need to setup 24*2 (in + out) = 48 Filters per Switch manually.
And i have lots of switches - so days of work.

Any chance to filter all Values <0?
Or already filter in the query all values smaller than zero? something “where … and values > 0”?
Couldnt find a solution wich is working for all Ports.

Here is my current Query:
SELECT derivative(mean(“ifHCInOctets”), 1s) *8 AS “In”, derivative(mean(“ifHCOutOctets”), 1s) *-8 AS “Out” FROM “snmp” WHERE (“agent_host” = ‘’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), “ifName” fill(null)

Found a solution. Need to use “non_negative_derivative(1s)”, then it works.

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