Bytes decimals get crazy in 7.0 in both Legend and Tooltip

Hi, just upgraded to 7.0 and I’m happy so far, just stumbled upon a minor bug (?) where i can’t control decimals of bytes (IEC) field in Axis and Legend, if they’re not in auto (ie. i input something in Decimals) mode it looks like this both in Legend and in Tooltip (but Axis looks like it should!)
I’m using influxdb mean() for data:
SELECT mean(used) as used, mean(cached) as cached, mean(buffered) as buffered FROM "mem"

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Use the Decimal values like 2 or 3 to reduce the number in the bottom of Axes legend

yeah, i worded myself incorrectly, i meant inputting anything in Decimals in Axis and/or Legend sections breaks the legend and tooltip as it’s shown on the screenshot, making me unable to control for example axis decimals without breaking decimals in legend and tooltip, only leaving Decimals both in Legend and Axis sections blank makes Legend and Tooltip have two decimal places