Button to open or close all rows?

I know there are keyboard shortcuts for opening/closing all rows on a dashboard but is there an easy way to create a button doing the same thing? A lot of our users are on ipads and we need a quick way to open or close all rows since they don’t have a dedicated keyboard to control those functions.

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Accordion / collapsed UIs are usually a UI disaster, so why collapse in the first place? For speed?

Sorry, I’m probably not helping.

Mostly speed. Because of limitations with the way variables are set up in grafana and with our datasource (opentsdb) we’ve had to resort to creating a SQL stored procedure that uses an api to pull data into sql via grafana and that process is slow if we have 20+ panels all doing it at once. Since this is for our production system, if we can limit which panels are open so that personnel only see the panels related to what they need (grouped) then we can slightly decrease the load being sent which speeds things up.

@damienclark, can you please explain how ipad users can access grafana, as I am thinking to make the visualization accessibility through mobile users , though grafana server is in a local server (192.168.x.x).

Sorry couldn’t answer your question but appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

We have a VPN program setup on the ipad (I can get the specifics on how it was set up from IT if you’d like) that allows field users to user their ipads to open a grafana app (that we wrote in house) that accesses the local grafana site from outside the corporate network.