Button does not show up when enabling SAML authentication in grafana.ini


I’ve been trying to set up SAML authentication for Grafana Enterprise. When I change enabled = false to enabled = true in grafana.ini under [auth.saml] I do not see the corresponding button show in the UI.

I see this was a known issue back in 2019 but it seems the bug has been fixed. Is it possible that I’m doing something wrong or has this bug reemerged?

Do you have valid license for enterprise version?

I do not have a license. I was unaware that certain features were only available through the licensed version

When you become a Grafana Enterprise customer, you gain access to Grafana’s premium observability features, including enterprise data source plugins, reporting, and fine-grained access control. In order to use these enhanced features of Grafana Enterprise, you must purchase and activate a Grafana Enterprise license.

So I would say enteprise version without license = standard open source version.

Understood. Thanks so much for your help.