Build Grafana Tempo, monitor JAVA application performance

I want to build Grafana Tempo to monitor JAVA application performance.
Currently available:

  • Java application is running (sourcecode saved in gitlab, deploy K8s using helmchart, build Jenkins CI/CD)
  • 01 Prometheus Server is running
  • 01 Grafana Server is running
    Directions: Don’t want to integrate deeply into the Java application code, because the code is managed by the programmer, I’m just the operator, I don’t have the right to change. Noticed that the Java application being built uses Dockerfile .jar. Is it possible to find a way to include opentelemetry --javaagent in the Dockerfile to deploy and run with the java app? Then in the helmchart, write additional OTLP exporter, prometheus, and Tempo configurations to push the application log through and then display it on Grafana.

However, is it appropriate to follow this direction?
I need advice from you guys. Thank you!