Build backend plugin for RaspberryPi Zero W (arm6l)


I am currently building a backend datasource plugin and was wondering how to differentiate between arm6 (e.g. RaspberryPi Zero W) and arm7 (e.g. RaspberryPi 3).

It looks to me my file needs to be named “…_arm” for both these platforms, but how can I then support both?

Hello @frser

Maybe -installsuffix will help you to get what you need to accomplish.

Another idea come to my mind - it to use 2 targets in make file
with setting environment env GOARCH=arm GOARM=6 and env GOARCH=arm GOARM=7


I don’t understand, what you mean with -installsuffix or the makefile appraoch.

Regardless of what I build Grafana (the server) seems to search for plugins with the suffix …arm for both arm6 and arm7.

My bad @frser now I got your point.
I have no other ideas, but maybe a kind-of “shortcut” will help - let Grafana find your shortcut/bash and inside of it you will invoke proper arm file.

I don’t really see how that solves it.
Grafana tries to find a file (by name) for the specific environment.
I don’t know how a shortcut/proxy-script would need to be structured.

I am also using the grafana development sdk and writing a wrapper around that seems awfully hacky :thinking: