Bring two data sources into same dimension

Pleae see my chart. It has large numbers, and the change over the time period is small compared to the absolute numbers. The gain of one grid is not well visible by having a look at the axes and will be completely gone when the numbers continue to grow.

How to resolve this common problem? E.g. display only the delta values and show the difference somhere else.

2nd question: I have two lines of data on different axes. I want to have only one fit into the screen, the smaller shall begin at y low point and the meaning of one grid shall be the same so that both values are better comparable.

thank you!

I think I resolved the 2nd question by enabling the align mode.
The first problem persists.

The y-Min and y-Max value have the same value in my exaple soon, since the gain of a few days is minimal compared to the absolute numbers without increasing the number of decimals a lot.

In this case, why not use non_negative_derivative to look at the deltas? Is there some reason why you need to see the absolute numbers?

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The non_negative_derivative or difference is giving me a delta per time unit or 2 data points.
I want to have it added up.

any more of idea ? any more of idea ?