Best way to generate Reports in Grafana

I would like to know about the best way to generate reports (preferably, PDF reports) in Grafana? Is there any open source or free method to test the functionality? Kindly reply if you got anything in this topic.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your response. I will try it out.

Though you might be happy already, I want to leave some other options for future readers:

You might want to try out the following options (free reporter!):

  1. Grafana reporter
  • based on latex templates
  • webservice for report generation directly out of grafana
  • can include rendered grafana panels
  1. ruby-grafana-reporter
  • based on asciidoctor templates, which support multiple file formats (PDF also as a default)
  • similar webservice as Izak’s reporter
  • supports images, as well as rendering of grafana tables and custom queries as inline texts, i.e. not as images, but as real PDF tables and texts

Hope this helps one or another reader :slight_smile:


How to implement this tutorial?
I don’t have any idea how to start.

I have Grafana server based on redhat.