Custom PDF report for Dashboard

Hi i need some Grafana Customisation to create custom Report of Dashboard in PDF , by slection some filters like host , data type, time from and to etc , please guide how it can we achieve this , i can post sample pdf if required


You can try the following

Service that generates a PDF report from a Grafana dashboard

Did any one try to display logo on PDF report ?

Tengo la version 6.4.1 de grafana y el grafana-reporter solo esta para la version 5 o menos
¿Qué hago para pasar un dashboard a pdf?

You can add custom PDF reporting using Skedler Reports. The latest Skedler Reports v4.1.3 works with the Grafana 6.2.x. You can see a demo here. I am the founder of Skedler. If you need further info, please contact me. Thanks.

is there a free version of skedler reporter for Grafana ?