Grafana Dashboard Reporter Plugin

Hello all,

[This is to announce a community plugin that generates PDF reports. Grafana Labs representatives confirmed me that I am allowed to post it on community channel. If that is not the case, feel free to take the post down]

Anyone still looking into PDF reports for Opensource Grafana, we have modernised LateX based solution into a Grafana plugin that generates reports based on HTML templates using chromium.

Here are the quick docs. Here is a sample report generated by the plugin.

The plugin creates PDF reports pretty much the same way as the entreprise plugin. However our plugin does not have more advanced features like sending reports by mail automatically. As this plugin closely resembles to the one offered in Grafana Enterprise, Grafana Labs refused to publish on their catalog (which is understandable). If you are just looking to generate PDF reports of dashboards, the current plugin will do the job. We dont have any plans to add any more features for this plugin and so, for more advanced features, you will have to use the Enterprise plugin though.

Cheers for the amount of work put by Grafana Labs in setting up the comprehensive plugin tutorials without which this plugin would have never made.

Cheers all!