Behavior of template with All option

Hello there,

I’ve a question what’s the expected behavior and how I might solve my issue.

I’ve got a Dashboard to display disk metrics that is used by different system. The dashboard loops by row over a template variable that can contain 1 to thousands of objects. Multi-value and “select all option” is selected for the template variable.
The idea is to provide a list of objects, where each user can select the objects he want to compare and save as dashboard.

If I provide such a dashboard with a preselection, this objects might be not found on the users side. In this case the variable will fallback to All which results in a loop over all objects and crash the Browser in many cases.


  1. Is this the expected behavior?
  2. Is there a solution to fallback to display nothing instead of all objects?

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you can disable the All option , then it will just pick the first option.

thanks, I’ll try if this works for me.