Multivariable Dropdown Edit 'All' Behavior

Hello, if you create a multivariable dropdown in grafana, and have the ‘include all’ option, then you can select ‘All’ from the dropdown to get all values of course.

However, this unselects the values in the dropdown except ‘All’, and then just passes them all to your query method target. What I would like is if clicking ‘All’ would tick the box next to every option, so that then you could, say, select ‘All’, and then unselect a handful that you dont want.

This is useful for me in the case of a long list that I want almost all, but not all of the values for. Currently, the only way to do that is to go through and click individually on each desired option in the dropdown.

There are some grafana files like custom_variable.ts, variable_srv.ts, valueSelectDropdown.html, and so on that seem to deal with this, but I’m not sure exactly where I could implement this solution or how.

Thanks for any help.