Bar Graph with Day over day totals

I use Grafana to track stats from Freshservice. One thing that has gotten me stumped is how can I show a bar graph that has the number of tickets for the last week. Currently, I am using timeShift(-1d) -2 and so om. But I am not getting the desired result. The time shift is not broken but my logic is. What is returned is the number of tickets I have at the current time a day ago.

For example Wednesday we had a total of 82 tickets, if I look at the bar graph at 9:30 on Thursday it shows Wednesday on had 35 tickets, and at 9:30 on Wednesday we had only received 35 tickets.

Does anyone know how I could solve this problem?

We are using Grafite to get the data to the board. Thank you so much in advance if you have any help.