Bar Gauge panels - strange grey bar at right since 7.2.0 (Firefox Ubuntu)

I have just updated my Grafana from 7.1.1 to 7.2.0 and now all my Bar Gauge panels have a grey bar on the right which is over the top of the content. It looks a bit like a scroll bar but I am not sure that it is a scroll bar as my scroll bars are all rounded and this is rectangular:


Anyone else seeing this? This is only using Firefox 81.0 on Ubuntu. In Chrome and Firefox on Windows I don’t see this issue.

Another minor bug was that after the upgrade all my Bar Gauge query legends were missing. Even though the Field “Display name” field was set to “none” I had to enter something in that field and then remove it again to get the query legends to reappear.

This looks like the same issue:

And it IS a scrollbar, it’s just that in my Ubuntu Firefox the scrollbar is visible as the grey but in other browsers such as Chrome the bar is the same colour as the background so it cuts off the right-side of the bar gauge.