Bar chart X-axis aligment

I’m pretty new to Grafana and are currently struggling with the Bart cart aligment on the X-axis. A two hour search did not provide me with the results in want. I hope some of you can point me in the right direction. As can be seen in the screenshot my X-axis does not start at 0 and the bars “overlap” the vertical time-lines. Which causes the bars to be half in one day an half in the other day.

As a result a single bar shows two types of information when hovering on them. Hovering on the left side of the bar it shows data from day 1 hovering on the right side of the bar it shows data from day 2. What I want is just 7 bars each in their individual day column.

I have sat the time range to 1d and the amount of days shown at a time is 7. I tried playing with the timezone but that neither fixed it.

Thnx in advance.

I have exactly the same issue

My SQL (mariadb):

SELECT $__timeGroup(time,'1d') as time_sec,
'Teruggeleverd' as metric
FROM item1768

Grafana v7.0.5 (efbcbb838b)

I hope someone can help us.

I have found some sort of solution. If you turn the tooltip to display only “single” values instead of “all values” it’s no longer dividing the bars into two days.

In your case it means teruggeleverd and afgenomen Will not be displayed in the same tooltip anymore. But for me that at least fixed the problem

I also tried that, but it’s only a partial solution. And it’s still not displaying how I want it.

I have the same issue!

and posted a similar post: Bar graph change bar position of value
It event looks like it was different in older versions of Grafana.

I hope we’ll find a solution soon, because showing TWO days in the tooltip of ONE bar/value looks really buggy.