Problems with bar chart panel


I use Grafana v. 10.3.1 and a bar chart visualization.

The problem is, that I get the current day twice in the chart. The “right” bar chart (Fr. 02.02.) indicats the correct day, the “left” bar is the chart from yesterday and should be (Do. 01.02.) (Thursday). I already checked 10 -times the settings, but found no faults.

Query options:


I kindly ask for your support.


Does no one really have any idea what the reason for this could be?

can you try sorting the data by your time column?

for ex

|> sort(columns: ["_time", "host", "_value"])

Thank you for your support.

I got the solution:

import “timezone”
import “date”
option location = timezone.location(name: “Europe/Berlin”)

from(bucket: “iobroker”)
|> range(start: date.add(d: -14d, to: today()), stop: date.truncate(t: today(), unit: 1d))