Bar chart with multiple two section bars

Hi all,

I am trying to create a specific type of barchart. To understand it better, I will describe my data.
I have multiple LUNs on a storage system. Each LUN is associated with its name and two values: the “Total” space being assigned to LUN and the ‘Used’ space that is actually used. These data exists in influxdb.

I managed to create a series of bars, one bar of each LUN, representing the “Used” space. What I woud like to do, is create the same series of bars, but I would like each bar to have two sections (stacked mode) to represent the “Total” and the “Used” values.

Is that possible?



While description is spot on, sample data as inline csv would help much better ie


This way we will have your influx data in our influx db. Makes it much simpler to help us help you

Hi yosiasz,

A sample of my data is the following. I did not present it in the first place because I am not sure if the data format is appropriate for what I want to create and I did not want that to be a constrain.

['showvv_3par,dev=3par,lun=cust1 Tot_Rsvd=8960,VSize=4194304 1660461718080']
['showvv_3par,dev=3par,lun=cust2 Tot_Rsvd=10636928,VSize=16777216 1660461718080']
['showvv_3par,dev=3par,lun=cust3 Tot_Rsvd=6555520,VSize=15728640 1660461718080']
['showvv_3par,dev=3par,lun=cust4 Tot_Rsvd=3476608,VSize=10485760 1660461718080']


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Like this?

Well, my idea was to have one bar per LUN, that would “stack” the “Used”/“Total” values on the same bar in order to check visually the size of the LUN and the part of it that is used. The bars from all LUNs would ideally be displayed on next to the other, in order to have a total view of the storage and be able to check at a glance which LUN consumes the most. Also by chaging the grafana time frame, you should be able to see which LUN grew larger.


Right now I have this barchart that displays the “Used” values of the LUNs.

The query is this:
SELECT mean("Tot_Rsvd") as Size FROM "showvv_3par" WHERE ("dev" = '3par' ) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), "lun" fill(null)


Look at the stacking option for Bar chart

Yes, I did that. The stacking option stacks all values of all different LUNs, you can’t only stack (AFAIK) the two values of each LUN.


One of these?