AzureMonitor Bad Request when adding dimension to request


I have upgraded from an older version of Grafana (v7X) to v9.3.0 recently, running on linux machine on AKS.
I have a dashboard to monitor Azure Eventhub, using AzureMonitor as the source, where I am trying to collect various system performance metrics (e.g. total IncomingMessages per topic). I used to have the EntityName as a dimension == * and it would do the trick. However, since the upgrade, this request is returning a bad request response (request failed, status: 400 Bad Request)
The dimension part of the query looks as follows:


I redid the panel from scratch, but I still get the error.
Without this part, I can get the total incoming messages, but in the response there is nothing to split by.
If I follow the url in the response and split by EntityName on Azure it works, but I am not sure what has changed.

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same happens to me. Any workaround or did you make it work?


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I have a similar problem - the topics names dont showup in the graph when I add dimensions. Earlier I used to be able to see each topic name with the number of messages. Now it just says “Count of active messages in a queue/topic”

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Same problem. Any suggestions how to fix that?