Azure monitor plugin - Can we restrict list of resource group to grafana view only users

With Azure monitor plugin, it is showing drop-down list of all the resource group associated to the Service principal.

How can we configure so that out of multiple resource group dashboard shows only one resource group to the Grafana view only users. Is it possible with Azure monitor plugin data source?

Please suggest.

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I’m not sure, but have you explored the idea of creating a separate datasource for viewers. The datasource will use the Azure AD App and service principal you create on the Azure side, so if there is a role-based access control to limit resources that the app has access to then that could help. Then you could create a dashboard with the viewer version of the datasource and another one for authenticated users.

Another option is to make a copy of the dashboard and set your Resource Group variable to the single value you need instead of using the template variable query. You can also optionally hide the variable.