Azure Log Analytics Graph no longer grouping

After updating from v7.0.3 to v7.1.1 our Graphs have stopped grouping by fields. An example of this is a graph using the Azure Monitor data source to query Azure Log Analytics using the following query:
| where $__timeFilter(TimeGenerated) + 1m
| where Resource contains “$shortname”
| where Resource contains “$appservice”
| where Resource notcontains “$excludeshortname”
| where Resource notcontains “-war”
| where ResourceProvider == “MICROSOFT.WEB”
| where MetricName == “AverageMemoryWorkingSet”
| summarize MemoryUsage=avg(Average) by bin(TimeGenerated, $__interval),Resource
| order by Resource, TimeGenerated

This previously would show a line in the graph for each resource.

Since the update to 7.1.1 we see:

When viewing a table I still see 3 columns but the data is not easily digestible using table visualization. Is there a way to enable the auto-grouping or tell the graph to group by the Resource field?

We reverted back to 7.0.3 and the issue resolved. Is anyone aware of why this changes in 7.1.1?